Our plant is an expert automatic multi-function packaging machines manufacture.
automatic multi-function packaging machines manufacture
About multi-function packing machine plant After over ten years continuously producting multi-function packing machine,B&Y Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd created own multi-function packing machine categories.The packaging machines include:multi-function packing machine,granule packing machine,vacuum packaging machine,powder packaging machine and liquid filling sealing machine.The multi-function packing machineis ourdominant product.In the multi-function packing machine industry in China ourmulti-function packing machinesuccessfully occupiedthe first place.And the multi-function packing machine also has reached the world leading level in this line...[more]
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The features of ourmulti-function packing machineand themulti-function packing machine plant

1.The CF series multi-function packing machinecan be start from pick up bag, filling, sealing, forming and conveying.
2.The multi-function packing machinesuitablefor various material and different packaging request.Our multi-function packing machinewith simple operation, easy function adjustment.
3.The multi-function packing machineaccept many bag types , such as bags, three side sealed bag, stand-up bag, zipper bag, plastic bagand paper bag, and so on...[more]
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The applications of our multi-function packing machine

1.Our multi-function packing machine applied to the chemical,food,medical and other packaging machinery industries.
2. The multi-function packing machine of ourmulti-function packing machinefactory can provide the CE certificate, the factory has passed ISO9001.We produced more than a thousands of multi-function packing machines. Ourmulti-function packing machineplant equiptmany rich experienced engineers.Our multi-function packing machinetechnical team is advanced and professional.....[more]
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The advantages of our multi-function packing machine

1. Eachprocess of multi-function packing machine is producedunder independent research and development,fromdesign the multi-function packing machine to multi-function packaging machine finished.
2.The multi-function packing machine research and development team nearly has 100 experienced engineers.
3.Our multi-function packing machineover ten years production experience.Themulti-function packing machineranks the first level in this industry...[more]
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